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What is Search Engine Optimization?
It is the process to rank your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For example, when you search the keyword “Northern Virginia Restaurants” into Google and see all those websites on the first page. The websites on the first page did not make it on the top listing without any search engine optimization, they require SEO work and are a good example how this process works. Our company has been experienced in this field for many years and have learned inside and out about SEO. We practice only natural and ethical methods for long-term and powerful rankings.

Why is it important?

Within the past decade, the internet has been growing and is constantly being used for everyday. People are always searching on search engines to look up all different kind of questions to be answered. For example, when someone is looking for a restaurant to eat in their local city they will type into a search engine “Northern Virginia Restaurants”. 90% of searchers will only look at the first page and go to the top websites. Being on the first page and being on top shows how reliable your website is and that people can trust it. What would a search engine be with no relations with your keyword your looking for? Exactly! It is important for any business to be ranking on top on all search engines.

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